12th March 1965

Catch The Wind 2.15
Why Do You Treat Me Like You Do? 2.54

April 1965

Catch The Wind E.P. (France)

Catch The Wind  
Every Man Has His Chain 2.08
Why Do You Treat Me Like You Do?  

May 1965


Josie 3.29  
Catch The Wind 2.59  
Remember The Alamo 3.08 Arr. Donovan
Cuttin' Out 2.21  
Car Car 1.30 Woody Guthrie
Keep On Truckin' 1.46 Arr. Donovan

Side Two

Goldwatch Blues 2.30 Mick Softley
To Sing For You 2.41  
You're Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond 4.00 Arr. Donovan
Tangerine Puppet 1.49  
Donna Donna 2.55 Trad.
Ramblin' Boy 2.35  

What's Bin Did And What's Bin Hid - expanded CD 2005

28th May 1965

Colours 2.44  

To Sing For You


15th August 1965

The Universal Soldier E.P.

Universal Soldier 2.11 Buffy Sainte-Marie
The Ballad Of A Crystal Man 3.15  
Do You Hear Me Now? * 1.47 Bert Jansch
The War Drags On 3.39 Mick Softley

* longer version on "People On The Highway" 2000

22nd October 1965

FAIRYTALE (stereo)

Colours 2.44  
To Try For The Sun 3.36  
Sunny Goodge Street 2.55  
Oh Deed I Do 2.00 Bert Jansch
Circus of Sour 1.50 Paul
Summer Day Reflection Song 2.11  

Side Two



Candy Man 3.25 Arr. Donovan
Jersey Thursday 2.13  
Belated Forgiveness Plea 2.54  
Ballad of A Crystal Man 3.50  
The Little Tin Soldier 3.02 Shawn Phillips
Ballad of Geraldine 4.38  

Fairytale - expanded CD 2005

29th October 1965

Turquoise 3.29  
Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness) 3.09  

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