January 1967

Epistle To Dippy 3.09
Preachin' Love 2.39

February 1967

Mellow Yellow
Preachin' Love

March 1967

MELLOW YELLOW (electronically re-channeled for stereo)                                                  (mono release)

Mellow Yellow 3.48    
Writer In The Sun ** 4.33    
Sand and Foam 3.19    
The Observation 2.23    
Bleak City Woman 2.24    

Side Two

House of Jansch 2.44    
Young Girl Blues 3.45    
Museum 2.54    
Hampstead Incident ** 4.41    
Sunny South Kensington * 3.49 19-Dec-1965 Abbey Road

* Stereo mix on "Psychedelia At Abbey Road" 1992

Mellow Yellow - expanded CD 2005

** Stereo mix on Sunshine Superman - STEREO - expanded CD 2011

June 1967

Sunshine Superman (mono only)

Sunshine Superman
Legend of A Girl Child Linda
The Observation
Writer In The Sun

Side Two

Season of The Witch
Hampstead Incident
Sand and Foam
Young Girl Blues
Three King Fishers
Bert's Blues

August 1967

There Is A Mountain 2.34

Sand and Foam


October 1967

There Is A Mountain

Sand and Foam

November 1967

Wear Your Love Like Heaven
Oh Gosh

December 1967


Wear Your Love Like Heaven 2.26 Song of The Naturalist's Wife 2.50
Mad John's Escape 2.16 The Enchanted Gypsy 3.15
Skip-A-Long Sam 2.23 Voyage Into The Golden Screen 3.10
Sun 3.13 Isle of Islay 2.20
There Was A Time 1.59 The Mandolin Man and His Secret 3.28


  Lay of The Last Tinker 1.45
Side Two  

Side Four

Oh Gosh 1.42 The Tinker and The Crab 2.50
Little Boy In Corduroy 2.33 Widow With Shawl 2.57
Under The Greenwood Tree (lyrics - Shakespeare) 1.53 The Lullaby of Spring 3.22
The Land of Doesn't Have To Be 2.32 The Magpie 1.26
Someone Singing 2.44 Starfish-On-The-Toast 2.38
    Epistle To Derroll 5.42

A Gift From A Flower To A Garden - Remastered MONO - CD 2000

A Gift From A Flower To A Garden - Remastered STEREO - CD 2009

December 1967

Wear Your Love Like Heaven (Disc 1) 

December 1967

For Little Ones (Disc 2)


Later Releases